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[NY] Caviar Russe: Executive Chef

Caviar Russe

With Michelin-star awarded cuisine and plenty of dishes to satiate the pallet of caviar-lovers everywhere, Caviar Russe is a necessary stop for anyone visiting New York or Florida. This caviar bar is well known for its imported, luxurious stock, making its quality and authenticity undeniable. When the staff at Caviar Russe began searching for their latest executive chef, the Alfus Group was happy to help.


Caviar Russe dining room

Their New York location may appear a bit modest in its size–the restaurant previous served as a townhouse–it has an extensive array of tasting menus, ranging from three to ten courses. The crudo (Italian for raw) menu is packed with vibrant dishes, such as the extravagant blue fin tuna, caviar, scallions, and ponzu, as well as their buttery lemon king crab with cocktail sauce. Even their simplistic “Caviar by Spoon” will leave guests feeling pampered and refined.


Caviar Russe

After being placed in September, we are confident that Caviar Russe’s newest executive chef is the best possible fit. We’re looking forward to seeing them work together, creating amazing dishes for all New York City diners to enjoy.


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