Frequently Asked Questions


For Clients

Why should our company employ a recruiter?

There are three main reasons to employ a recruiter:

  • Your company needs to replace an existing employee quickly and confidentially.
  • The position is vital to the advancement of the company, requiring the highest caliber of candidates.
  • Your company’s internal recruitment efforts have not produced quality candidates, and there are no suitable employees to promote from within.

Why should our company employ a recruiter?

Lafayette Hospitality is dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry. This specialization provides a key advantage over other recruiters, who may serve a less specific range of clientele. With over 75 years of combined Hospitality Industry experience, we know and understand the business, its job functions, and the traits necessary for candidates to succeed. In today's business climate, there's no room for learning curves. We understand our clients’ needs and can advise them accordingly.

How do you find suitable candidates?

When searching for candidates, we not only call upon our extensive list of industry contacts, we also employ a full-service Research Department that keeps an up-to-date database of candidates actively seeking employment. To date we have over 60,000 professional contacts and companies easily retrieved thanks to our new enhanced software. Our Research Department continues to add new professional relationships, industry connections, every day.

How do you find suitable candidates?

We customize our fees and services to suit each client’s individual needs and the complexity of the Search.

Our services range from:

  • Retained search: We offer our full Nine Step Search Methodology. The fee includes an initial retainer up front, unique to the Industry is that our second retainer is due only when candidates begin the interview process, and a final invoice once a candidate is hired.
  • Contingency search: We abbreviate the above Nine Step Methodology, with fees due only if a candidate we have presented is hired.
  • Limited Referral Search: we confine our search to just the digital database, with fees to be paid only if a referred candidate is hired.

For Candidates

How can Lafayette Hospitality help me?

Lafayette Hospitality is dedicated exclusively to executive placement in the hospitality industry. If you are seeking employment in Hotels, Resorts, or the Food & Beverage industry, then we are the right search consultancy for you. Please send your resume and cover letter to, or call 212-599-1000. If and when a suitable position becomes available for you, a recruiter will reach out.

As a candidate, will I owe the recruiter any fees?

No. The candidate pays nothing.

How can I be sure my information will be kept confidential?

Our recruiters are highly sensitive to maintaining candidate confidentiality during a search. We understand the delicate nature of seeking a new opportunity while you are still employed, and are careful to never jeopardize your current position. As a candidate, you will not be presented to clients without your full knowledge and consent beforehand. Clients, in turn, are contractually bound to never pass your information to anyone outside of the search.

Should I provide references to the recruiter?

Yes. As with any employment opportunity, we will need to thoroughly reference you before presenting you to the client. You do have the right to not be referenced until you’re sure you want to be considered for the position.

How does the interview process work?

The recruiter acts as liaison between the candidate and client. The recruiter also guides candidates through every step of the interview process. If you are an eligible candidate, we will first educate you on the clients’ needs, expectations, corporate culture, infrastructure/chains of command, and any other relevant information. We’ll review the job description, compensation packages, and answer questions or concerns that arise, to make sure this job fits your needs and lifestyle.

Once you agree to be submitted for a position, we will do so immediately, and we will follow up with the client thereafter. If the client responds with interest, we’ll coordinate meetings and coach you through the interview process. You will never feel alone; recruiters have a vested interest in your success.