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[MD] Two Roads Hospitality: Hotel Revival Baltimore – Director of F&B

Hotel Revival guest room

Ever since the merging of Commune Hotels and Resorts and Destination Hotels in 2016, many plans are currently underway by the unified forces that make up Two Roads Hospitality. Among these projects is the soon to be opened Hotel Revival in Baltimore, Maryland.


Hotel Revival guest room

This new combination lifestyle and boutique hotel will offer intimate accommodations and promise potential guests breathtaking views of Baltimore. Explore the streets of the historical neighborhood of Mount Vernon, visiting the nearby Walters Art Museum and many other of its popular cultural destinations. Retire back to the hotel at the end of the night, for a warm home cooked meal; guests can even try out one of their private karaoke rooms.


Hotel Revival guest room

In preparation for their projected spring of 2017 opening, The Alfus Group helped to place Hotel Revival’s newest food and beverage director in September 2016. We wish their future partnership luck as they move forward in their future endeavors.


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