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nine step search methodology

Our philosophy is put into practice with the following Nine Step Search Methodology. The first part of this process, The Position Profile, is a custom-designed, all-inclusive document detailing the job description and candidate requirements.  This allows all parties concerned to agree on criteria before the interviewing process begins. The entire selection process is customized to the client's needs.


The following methodology has become the cornerstone to Lafayette Hospitality’s 92% success factor.

nine step search methodology

needs assessment analysis.

The initial phase of all of Lafayette Hospitality’s executive searches is an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs, as well as the functional, strategic and cultural objectives of the position, and any obstacles that may arise. This includes:


  • Defining the scope of responsibilities

  • Establishing the required set of competencies

  • Understanding organizational relationships

  • Defining the required professional qualifications and expertise

  • Identifying other characteristics of a successful candidate

  • Determining a competitive compensation package


strategic selection profile™

Through an extensive analysis of the needs assessment information, the managing consultant crafts the position’s Strategic Selection Profile™.  This document is designed to provide candidates and our network of industry leaders with a professionally designed profile, which clearly states the parameters of the search. It includes


  • Our client’s history and mission statement

  • Overview of the position and its critical objectives 

  • Reporting and functional responsibilities

  • Professional background and qualifications required 

  • Necessary education, personal attributes and management style


candidate identification.

The Strategic Selection Profile™ is discussed with the Research Department and other in-house consultants to identify sources and prospective candidates.  This is accomplished by searching our extensive computerized database, reviewing previous searches, locating potential candidates in similar environments, and launching newspaper ad campaigns (with client approval).  Simultaneously, the research team accesses the computer database of individuals, corporations, and other industry sources capable of providing selective information. 

While maintaining the highest level of client confidentially, the managing consultant or other assigned professional staff members, make selective inquires to key industry sources to identify candidates.  Ensuring continuity of information, the managing consultant personally conducts all direct communications with prospective candidates.  The client is fully briefed on the candidates identified and selected.  At that point a long list is determined.


recruitment of candidates.

The recruiter compiles a list of, on average, 50 to 75 candidates. The size of the list varies based on numerous factors, such as specificity of the job description or geographical scope of the search (local, national or international).  The recruiter then narrows down the options, selecting only the most qualified candidates to present to the client.


Prior to the interview process, we review potential candidates with the client. This saves our clients valuable time and money.  By maintaining an open dialogue, we continue to improve our understanding of the client’s specific needs.


review of Potential Candidates with client

personal interviews.

The managing consultant interviews, evaluates, and screens selected candidates by conducting in depth reviews of the their professional qualifications, assessment of their compatibility with the client’s organization, and their ability to contribute to the client's needs. Ultimately, finalists are those who most closely match the Strategic Selection Profile™.  This is always done by the same recruiter with whom the client is working.  We are prepared to travel and/or conduct phone or Skype interviews for long-distance candidates.


Candidate Presentation & Referencing

Confidential written profiles are submitted on each finalist candidate.  Initial referencing is conducted, based on the references provided by the candidate.  In the interest of accuracy and thoroughness, referencing also includes Lafayette Hospitality industry contacts, former employees, and other sources who have firsthand knowledge as to the candidate's character and performance.


Client Interviews Top Selections

Lafayette Hospitality will help to facilitate the scheduling of mutually convenient interviews between the client and each candidate.  Lafayette Hospitality is prepared to make all travel arrangements, coordinate interview schedules with all concerned and, if so desired, handle reimbursement of travel expenses on behalf of the client.


After each interview, the managing consultant contacts both the client and candidate for feedback. We are prepared to facilitate compensation negotiations and assist in ensuring that both parties understand each other’s needs.  The collective comments are then reviewed with the client.  We act as liaison between both parties throughout the submission process, until an offer letter has been submitted and accepted by a successful candidate.


Candidate Closing

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